CarGurus Now Lets Shoppers Search for Carsby Engine Sound

CarGurus Now Lets Shoppers Search for Carsby Engine Sound

On April 1, CarGurus will formally “launch” REVolution, a 1-of-its-kind seem-driven internet search engine which will give shoppers a different way to locate their preferred vehicle. Inspired by childhood recollections of creating loud racing sounds with Matchbox cars, REVolution is really a precise audio search tool that allows you to “vroom, zoom and engine-roar” your method to the precise vehicle that suits the seem you are making.

REVolution is really specific that it may distinguish the subtle distinction between the gentle hum of the Toyota Prius versus a Tesla Roadster or even the effective ignition of the F-150 over a Chevrolet Silverado.

How’s this possible? We produced a recording library of vehicle sounds from buddies, families and employees. Then, our engineers leveraged modern neural network and machine learning algorithms, coupled with patent pending quantum frequency splinter techniques, to create these audio models with uncommon precision.

And if you’re able to realize that last sentence, as well as keep in mind that we’re launching this on APRIL 1, then you most likely realize that this can be a joke. Happy April Fools’ Day!

Recapture the sounds of the childhood and check out REVolution today at:

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