Audi E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo Teased Ahead Of Monday Reveal

GT Sport hasn’t been shy on delivering updates because of its PS4 racing sim.

[UPDATE, April 6] Audi Sport has dropped another teaser video (see above) before the virtual race car’s debut looking for Monday. The prior teaser clip continues to be attached in the finish.

There’s been a substantial amount of action happening within the auto gaming realm as recently. Forza lately announced a brand new vehicle pack and a few updates to the design editor, and Project Cars 2 has newer and more effective Porsches within the mix because of its sim title. Apparently The new sony couldn’t let all that slide without offering up something for Gran Turismo Sport, hence this curious Audi teaser published a while ago on Facebook.



Clearly, the brand new addition has something related to the German automaker. Knowing through the string of hashtags around the publish, we’re will make a terrifically bold conjecture and say a brand new Vision GT E-Tron is originating. We’ll make another wild conjecture by saying it’s most likely in line with the R8, mainly since the shadowed outline looks nothing beats the E-Tron Sports utility vehicle indisputable fact that the automaker just revealed in the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Sony’s banner racing title for that Ps 4  arrived on the scene last October following a year’s price of delays. Even so, the Gran Turismo Sport wasn’t a complete-on automotive attack having a 1000 cars and a large number of tracks like previous editions. Actually, the vehicle count at launch was just 162 with simply a number of tracks, while its Xbox-based competition boasted numerous tracks and also over 700 cars with Forza Motorsport 7 – several that has since contacted 1,000 with available vehicle packs. Polyphony Digital promised to provide more cars and tracks through updates, which promise continues to be stored to date. Over 200 cars are actually obtainable in GT Sport, with this Audi teaser there’s clearly more within the works.

Audi E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo Teased Ahead Of Monday Reveal

Regardless of the critique because of its insufficient cars, the sim racing platform continues to be generally recognized because of its quality, realism, and a focus-to-detail. We required a closer inspection at both Forza 7 and GT Sport last November and located the titles agonizingly near the coast many regards. In the finish during the day we gave a nod to Forza, but with updates coming in a fairly consistent rate in the folks at Polyphony Digital, we might have to create a return engagement and reevaluate the most recent evolution of both titles.

It’s a difficult job, but someone has to get it done.

Source: Gran Turismo via Facebook

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